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At BlueMountView, we have a number of different locations on the property.

Guests have access to our outside gym area that fits in with our rustic style.

We also have a gazebo privately tuck away from the main property. This has a sun deck, chill out sitting area with a pool table and dart board.

Around the property are open spaces for games, yoga, exercise, listening to the river or just chilling.

We provide tours.

This includes:

  • Jeep Safari Tour

  • Mountain Tours

  • Hiking

  • Coffee Tours

  • Rastafarian Experience

  • River Hikes

We also provide Rental/Excursions. This includes: 

  • Jeep Rental for the Blue Mountains

  • Airport Transfers

  • Transfers to anywhere on the island

  • Day trips to locations on the island

Things to do:

  • Friday is Cookout Day in the community.

  • Sunday nights Dub Club tour 

  • Driving tours of Blue Mountains and the whole island, including airport pick up and drop off.

  • UCC coffee tours at Craighton Estate 

  • Catherine Peak hike

  • Blue Mountain Peak hike.

  • Hiking and/or picnic in Hollywell National Park 

  • Bird watching 

  • Star gazing

  • Nature walks 

  • Waterfall tours 

  • School of Vision Rasta Camp tour

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