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Blue Mount View


Blue mount view guesthouse is a family run naturalistic guesthouse situated within a local Jamaican community and sits on a 5 acre coffee farm up in the peaceful blue mountains.


Not only are we surrounded by the beautiful blue mountains and the delicious blue mountain coffee we also have an array of fruit & vegetables and other produce such as chickens and honey.


We have 5 rooms on offer each with there own private gardens for you to enjoy your own private peaceful time.


We are television free as we feel people should interact with each other and nature more.

For your entertainment we have a reading room, a games room and an outdoor gym.


But if you come to experience the full beauty of the blue mountains and love the outdoors you can always enjoy our river pool and waterfalls and enjoy a nice river bed hike in our secluded and private river or better still a nature hike along one of our many hiking trails.


We also offer car tours & a private blue mountain buggy experience.


No matter what you enjoy or how stressed you are, once you enter our peaceful & friendly environment and you start to relax, you will never want to leave blue mount view


All you have to do is come & view!


Come & view:

  • our array of birds and butterflies not found anywhere else in the world.

  • the naturalistic lifestyle of Rastafarians and local farmers

  • our beautiful relaxing dining area with a view to enjoy

  • our natural spring water river and waterfalls

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